Q&A with ‘Crash Landing on You’ star Son Ye-Jin

From career tips, travel essentials, and diet plan, she answers these all!

A few months after Hyun Bin was officially announced as Smart Communication’s newest brand ambassador, his Crash Landing On You leading lady, Son Ye-Jin has crash landing in the Philippine shore to join him.

In a questions and answer segment, the South Korean actress shares her thoughts about this new project and generously gives career tips to her Filipino fans.

Q:             What did you feel when you found out that a company from the Philippines has invited you to become their new endorser?

A:             I was very happy. Actually, I wanted to go to the Philippines and shoot. And the fans who loved the drama sent me so many messages of support on social media. I am really happy to shoot an advertisement for a Philippine brand and it’s even better because it’s a Smart advertisement. It’s just so sad that I couldn’t come to see all the fans in person but I‘m always very thankful and happy to be able to meet them in this way. 

Q:             Can you tell us who is Son Ye Jin behind the camera, not as Son Ye Jin the actress?

A:             There’s nothing special about me. In front of the camera, I’m always in character with the given role, so I tend to stick to it. But behind the camera, I think I’m just ordinary. I’m the same person as you guys.

Q:             Do you have any advice for young people who are just getting started?

A:             Well, I am not sure if I’ve already succeeded, but I think young people who just started, not only in acting but also in other fields, are going to be so scared and experience hardships. Same as my experience. But it helps that I’ve always set a goal. And even if the reality is not close to that goal, just try your best to imagine yourself in that future and make the best out of everything. Then, think of it as a step closer to your dreams. Keep fighting!

Q:             Can you give us the most effective tip?

A:             I also haven’t found it yet. Maybe that should always be our task. Especially my job, it’s not like a switch that I can just turn off and turn on. So, there are times when I’m a little torn between the role and the real Son Ye Jin. But in the end, I tend to push myself more when I’m working. So, when I’m not working, I just rest and recharge so I can show you a better me. I think sometimes you shouldn’t push yourself too hard and take some time to relax a little bit. 

Q:             You are very busy and also traveling a lot. Is there any technology that you think is most important when you travel?

A:             First of all, I’m a very organized traveler. There’s always a limited time when you travel so I really think of how I can spend my time happily and effectively within that time. And most importantly, you must have a good roaming plan.

Q:             You played a lot of different characters. Do you have any tips on preparing for new roles or learning new things?

A:             I played a lot of different roles. In my case, no matter what character I play, I try to find a similar aspect of myself in that character. I think that’s the best tip I can give. 

Q:             It’s important to stay healthy. Could you share how to maintain a healthy body and life?

A:             There is a health issue that the world is facing today. I also need to be healthy to be able to work. And health is the most important thing to be able to spend quality time with the people I love. That’s why I’m constantly exercising and trying to eat good food. 

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